Chief Marketing Officer

At Innate we create coliving experiences that bring entreperneurial & conscious people together in nature. We need a marketing wiz to hustle & grow our movement.

At Innate, we create coliving & coworking experiences –

Where entrepreneurial, conscious people come together to get their work done remotely – while being surrounded by nature and integrating a daily wellness practice.

Our vision is to create an innately fulfilling way of life.

Where we're deeply connected to our Self, others and nature – while still being active in modern society.

Our first experiment is a one month Breathwork themed colive this Sept in Portugal, followed by a couple of others. But after that we aim to raise serious funding, takeover multiple retreat spaces and create a global membership-based community.

We're looking for someone to join our 3 person team, as Marketing cofounder. To make that global vision a reality.


  • You'll need to be ready to hustle, and operate on a small budget to start with. Making a marketing ecosystem, creating a brand that can go global, and taking risks.
  • have experience in early stage startup marketing before
  • able to deal with uncertainty, and relish the challenge of creating something big, from the early days


It's really upto you! But here's some ideas...

  • Creating the marketing ecosystem & plan
  • managing and optimising paid ads
  • creating a content plan, creating the content, engaging on social channels
  • trying some PR generating risks, viral videos etc.
  • hiring freelancers to run parts of the Marketing, where appropriate


  • significant equity, as a cofounder
  • and regular pay once we raise funding too, or once the cashflow of the business picks up
  • complete flexibility. work from anywhere, on your own times
  • the opportunity to join us on our Breathwork coliving, in Portugal. our Meditation coliving, Psychedelics coliving and more!!
  • you'll work alongside an experienced cofounder/CEO – whose last startup was in the coliving space and we grew to a team of 20 people before the pandemic hit
  • the chance to offer people an alternative way of life. Where we aren't stuck on high-rent long leases in small apartments in overcrowded cities. But can live flexibly, with other conscious people, surrounded by real nature. Creating a way of life that is innately fulfilling, globally.