Intelligent Change

General Manager to future MD

We are looking for a General Manager to oversee growth, budgets, hiring, and business operations. The role is designed for those on the path to become Managing Director of a growing business.

Your Vision

Are you dreaming of a career where everyday you feel that you are making a positive impact in this world? Where you look forward to arriving at work each day, because your team, workspace and the products are inspiring and meaningful. Then you are in the right place - join us at Intelligent Change and empower people all around the world to live their best life.

About the Role and Intelligent Change

At Intelligent Change, we’re on a mission to help 1% of the global population create a positive change in their lives. We do this by creating best-selling products like our Five Minute Journal (1.4+ million sold) and apps that help you realize your potential, live a happier, and a more fulfilling life. Intelligent Change is positioned to become a global wellness lifestyle brand as we have solid traction and product/market fit with our products being loved and recognised by people like Tim Ferriss, Emma Watson, Lily Collins, and millions others around the world.

We are looking for a General Manager to oversee growth, budgets, hiring, and business operations. The role is designed for those on the path to become Managing Director of a growing business. If you have MD/CEO experience already, you are encouraged to apply as well. This is the main leadership and management level role and you will be responsible for scaling the business and team on the next chapter of growth of Intelligent Change becoming a leading global lifestyle brand in wellness, publishing and media. Ideally, you are a strong, seasoned leader who has led operations in an 8-figure business ($20-50M+) and has Direct to Consumer eCommerce or Omni-channel experience while building + scaling an eComm team from less than 10 to 20/30+ team members.

One of the main initiatives of this role is to remove the founder from operations so that they can focus on the vision and product creation. You will be the main leader and manager of the team. You will be in charge of building the processes and infrastructure required to help Intelligent Change scale to the next phase of growth of this emerging wellness brand.

This is a fully remote, full-time employee role with benefits. Strong preference will be given to UK, Canadian or European applicants. You have the option to build a location dependent team if you desire.

About You

You are a growth-oriented and thoughtful leader that grows by helping other people set and achieve their goals. You are someone that thrives and sets an uplifting team setting, loves a transparent company culture, has excellent communication skills, and is able to identify and leverage each team member's unique set of strengths. As an operator, you’re a brilliant blend of people, process, and productivity. We are looking for that unique combination of human-first leadership with smart business sense.

Ultimately, you’ll be an integral part of Intelligent Change's evolution of a global lifestyle wellness brand.

You’re Excellent at:

  • Operations: you love to make sure everything is running efficiently and to its fullest potential
  • Leadership: you inspire those around you while being inspire-able and coach-able yourself
  • Enterprising: you treat this business growth as if it’s your own, and think like an intrapreneur
  • Management: Smart, savvy, cost-effective management techniques applied to lower costs and create lean process
  • Digital: Fluent in technology, media + all things digital and you are adept at learning new things quickly
  • Agile: Extremely adaptability and flexibility to deal with the unpredictable


  • Grow all aspect of Intelligent Change
  • Be responsible and own P&L of the business
  • Oversee and drive operational excellence for day-to-day operations
  • Improve and implement policies and processes
  • Evaluate and improve operations and financial performance
  • Manage the hiring & screening process of new employees including new division leadership roles
  • On-boarding and training of new employees
  • Set and follow-up on employees goals and development agendas
  • Ensure employees have the right support and tools to be successful
  • Maintain and follow-up on budgets
  • Prepare and present reports


What you’ll need

  • A positive mindset - Seeing inefficiencies and challenges as possibilities for greatness
  • Proven experience as a Head of Operations or similar manager role
  • Strong analytical ability
  • Experience in planning and budgeting
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Outstanding organisational and leadership skills
  • Problem-solving aptitude
  • General knowledge within different business verticals (finance, HR, procurement, operations etc.)
  • Experience from the design industry or adjacent creative industry is highly meritorious

Why join us?

Working at Intelligent Change can accelerate your career as you will have the ability to lead and build a business directly with founders. We’re a team that loves what we do and we all thrive on our ability to make an impact. There are many benefits that come with working with us as you will be part of developing and enhancing work benefits of the business.

  • Competitive compensation
  • Profit sharing and bonus based on performance
  • 4 Day work week during summer (June, July, and August)