BrightLife Uganda

Head of Finance

BrightLife is looking for a financial mastermind that can convert challenging assumptions into real business model projections, fundraise for growth, and mange financial operations to help us provide clean energy access to 1,000,000 Ugandans by 2025.

About BrightLife

BrightLife — a FINCA International company — is a social enterprise which combines innovative financing, community networks and the highest quality clean energy brands to improve lives of people at the Bottom of the Pyramid (BOP) and unlock the productive potential of Ugandans. Our product line includes a growing range of solar home systems, entry-level solar lights, solar appliances, and clean cookstoves which can be purchased in pay-as-you-go instalments, and are sold through a network of direct sales agents, community networks, and strategically selected distribution partners. More than 100,000 Ugandans have already utilized BrightLife’s unique distribution and financing model to better their lives. BrightLife’s Pay-As-You-Go solar distribution model gives out affordable loans to customers who previously had no access to energy.  

BrightLife is uniquely linked to the FINCA International family of social enterprises, which includes 20 financial institutions across four world regions and more than 30 years of experience in reaching underserved communities and individuals. FINCA’s financial service operations in Africa span DR Congo, Malawi, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zambia. 


The Head of Finance will be responsible for leading the financial strategy of BrightLife, providing leadership in the accounts and credit department, and collaborating with the leadership team to model efficient operations and providing energy to the market at a low cost while maximizing returns and savings for the company. 

We are searching for someone who is ready for challenges, wants to escape their comfort zone and have a measurable impact on people’s lives by giving them access to clean affordable energy through a mechanism of financial inclusion. Are you a problem-solving individual that can navigate ambiguity, improve our operations, and ultimately make the lives of our customers easier? Here are some of the many of the challenges we are facing every day, do you think you can solve these?  

  • We are looking to raise affordable capital to drive our finances. The Head of Finance will be responsible for putting together data rooms fast, lead investor relations and manage new and existing grant capital. We are always looking for grants and debt financing. The main question is how we reach a place to not worry about financing? How do we secure financing partners that trust the model and are able to fuel our growth but also are impact driven and do not want short-term profits? 
  • Clear cost forecasting and influencing managers to make data driven decisions is at the helm of the financial strategy at BrightLife. Tact and skill are required here to build a model that will transform people’s lives while remaining sustainable. You will need to be innovative and strategic to work with a team that is driven towards these results. How do we optimize our costs to ensure a stable path to profitability and sustainabilty? 
  • Constantly improving and changing our PAYG distribution business model requires unique approach to financial and operational planning 5 years into the future to predict successful decisions. How to measure and predict the impact on a 5-year financial model of a new product or revenue stream, innovation in pricing strategy, improvement in the sales model? 

Key Roles & Responsibilities

Financial Performance:

  • Develop and dashboard primary operational drivers for all Operations related business units
  • Month-end operational updates for the Board.
  • Build rolling 12M budgets and forecasts with each manager monthly, and specifically helping operational teams build systems for Cost Accounting.
  • Develop and analyze with each Team Lead their monthly Business Unit specific financial statements and rolling 60m forecast
  • Develop and keep up to date rolling Organizational 60M financial model.

Scenario Planning:

  • Develop and maintain detailed models for downside and upside scenario planning that will drive capital financing for rolling 60M Capital investments.
  • Conduct analysis for capital investments at the project, business unit, and organization levels to drive internal investment decisions.

Capital Financing:

  • Develop detailed capital financing strategy, including structured finance products, to optimize the cost of capital for each cash need across the organization
  • Develop and own the financing pipeline for each type of capital financing strategy identified
  • Build and maintain models that can be shared with new funders
  • Develop and maintain investment memos, decks, and other communication needed for new funders
  • Build systems to organize and answer information and data requested by new funders
  • Lead the fundraising process for all capital needs across the organization
  • Evaluate and negotiate financing terms with existing and new funders
  • Develop and implement a re-financing strategy for existing capital as needed

Management of the Finance and Credit department

  • Analyze and control existing policies, procedures, and standards to ensure they are effective and efficient in managing risk arising in the finance and admin function
  • Liaise with the Operations department in the management of procurement, stock movement, and reconciliation of inventory against sales and bank in line with the stipulated financial controls
  • Manage the flow, control, and accounting of transactions and payments (cash, mobile money, receivable from distributor, etc.)

Credit Risk Management

  • Leading the credit portfolio management by developing KPIs and providing business intelligence to other departments
  • Computation of monthly debt provisional reports and continuous monitoring of portfolio at risk metrics
  • Develop, implement, and monitor loan write-off procedures
  • Periodical updates on portfolio performance
  • Liaison with the data specialist and CEO on the development of loan portfolio reporting

Compliance and Audit

  • Ensure compliance with the charter / bylaws of the subsidiary, policies of the parent organization, and any applicable regulation, and with Finance and Accounting standards (IFRS).
  • Ensure compliance with financial covenants in agreements with creditors and donors Computation of monthly debt provisional reports and continuous monitoring of portfolio at risk metrics
  • Facilitate internal and external audits in conformity with our parent organization and other government agencies as required. Prepare annual financial statements for the auditors
  • Periodical updates on portfolio performance
  • Ensure compliance to the financial laws within the country’s jurisdiction

Qualifications, Education, Experience and Skills

  • 4+ years overall experience in high performing operating and investing roles, including: 2+ years’ experience in investment, credit control and management, technical accounting, focus on technology investing in emerging markets strongly preferred.
  • 2+ years of experience working with a high growth start-up or management consulting firm
  • Bachelor’s degree, MBA or MSc is a plus
  • Extensive business and financial modeling skills
  • Experience in project management, monitoring, and evaluation
  • Strong problem-solving skills and the ability to think outside the box
  • Excellent organizational and planning skills
  • Excellent communication skills