Bukit Lawang Trust

DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS - Conservation Education Charity in Sumatra

Sumatra role as director of operation for conservation education charity

We are a small grassroots charity operating in Sumatra in Indonesia.

  1. Salary & Benefits:
  • Mid day meals provided on site. 
  • Monthly stipend £750.00
  • Free fitness classes. 
  • Free training in coaching and facilitation strategies. 
  • Lots of travel around Sumatra. 
  • Private on site accommodation provided. 
  1. Education and Volunteer development 
  • Recruiting Beneficiaries from the local community to the Trust and continuously advertise the Trust’s Sustainable Youth Enterprise YSE projects to prospective beneficiaries 
  • Monitoring attendance and volunteer progress. 
  • Maintaining a positive learning environment for all beneficiaries & staff in keeping with the Trusts code of conduct. 
  • Assigning weekly tasks to staff and volunteers
  • Training Volunteers in Lesson planning, curriculum content & delivery. 
  • Checking Volunteers lesson plans on a weekly basis. 
  • Monitoring Volunteers lessons and carry out weekly 1 to 1’s with Conservation Volunteers. 
  • Delivering YSE training 5 a week, and as required. 
  • Line manage allocated staff at the Trust Centre. 
  • Safeguarding volunteers, staff and beneficiaries (Any successful applicant will receive comprehensive training and guidance on the BLT’s safeguarding policy and any associated procedures in place.) 
  • Assist the other program managers in the running and organisation of our ‘orbrolon wanita’ group for female empowerment.  
  • Co run volunteer events including Volunteer induction, phase review and debrief, alongside the other Program Managers. 
  • Support all YSE volunteers with their volunteer Journey & Help @ home project. 
  • Deliver staff training as and when required including annual 1st aid training. 
  • Conduct monthly 121 with those staff under your management & report back any issues or concerns to the Board of Trustees. 
  • Co-run the weekly staff meeting. 
  • Organise weekly outings and activities for the volunteers. 
  • Observe YSE Volunteers sessions and give constructive and informative feedback to help volunteers improve and develop as facilitators. 
  1. Advertising and Recruitment 
  • Liaise with the MRM Manager to update social media on weekly basis regarding the YSE program. 
  • Recruiting and interviewing international and local volunteers. 
  • Ensure all incoming volunteers receive sponsor letter. 
  • Keep volunteer matrix up to date and correct. 
  • Save all volunteer documentation on the BLT shared Drive
  1. Administration 
  • Replying to all emails
  • Assisting with the general organisation and maintenance of the Trust. 
  • Co-manage the Trust calendar with the other PMs.
  • Work with the other Program Managers to establish new Project partners, MOU’s and accessing funding from external donors and sponsors. 
  • Meet with current project partners on a monthly basis as a minimum.  
  • Working alongside the Trust staff team to show visitors around the Trust. 
  1. Finance and Fundraising 
  • Managing the program budget on daily basis. Including record keeping, receipts and cash advance and return forms. 
  • Sending off any cash returns with the monthly program report to the Treasurer for review. 
  • Sending off monthly cash advance for Programmatic expenses to the Treasurer for review. 
  • Write up and send off monthly program reports to the Board of Trustees. 
  • Encouraging fundraising for the Trust via all means, including arranging the weekly pub quiz. 
  • Seek funds to sponsor staff and beneficiaries through education and university as and where possible. 
  • Submit additional Cash Return for all cash donations at the end of each month. 
  1. Transport & Logistics
  • Communicate directly with Bekak and Oplet drivers/ to arrange transport as required. 
  • Pay drivers on a weekly basis.
  • Evaluate and manage wages of drivers as required.
  • Find new bekak/oplet drivers as and when necessary.
  • Ensure staff are reimbursed for petrol expenditure on work related transport.
  • Site maintenance and upkeep (e.g. water tank cleaning monthly, ensure there is always clean drinking water in the kitchen, fixing broken tiles/locks/doors/furniture/equipment, restocking supplies, and cleaning equipment as required.)
  • Stock checks and refills – ensure sufficient teaching resources and equipment are available at all times at the school. (through use of the pack for purpose site).
  • Pay food budget every week and adjust in keeping with number of volunteers.
  • Organise monthly deep clean with all staff
  • Order BLT t-shirts through the MRM as and when required and distribute necessary amount to Bukit Lawang Indah to sell. (collect sales money from Indah once a month).
  • Share emergency DM responsibilities (24/7) with the other PMs (All successful candidates will receive comprehensive onsite training on our emergency procedures).
  1. Community Engagement (Hearts & Minds): 
  • Immerse yourself in the community, attend weekly Bahasa/English lessons held at the trust to improve your language skills. 
  • Attend community events such as weddings, funerals, parties etc. 
  • Go out and meet staff at guest houses on a regular basis to maintain good relations with the community. 
  • Work with prominent community figures to raise awareness of Trust/ Extend reach of Trust. 
  • Maintain and build relationship with Bukit Lawang Indah and Orangutan Explore. 

This position works on a conditional 12 month rolling contract, beginning with a 3 month probation period. Within which time the Bukit Lawang Trust reserves the right to terminate employment without notice. The director of operations must give at least three months’ notice before leaving the Trust in cases where the full 12 month term has not been completed. In cases of dismissal or redundancy (excluding breaches in Bukit Lawang Trust Code of Conduct) the Trust will provide 3 months’ fully paid notice as a minimum, as long as the dismissal or redundancy occurs after the 3 month probation period aforementioned. 

  1. Requirements 
  • Teaching/ coaching experience (Essential). 
  • Experience teaching business or a related subject (Preferred) 
  • In date First Aid Certificate (Essential). 
  • Proficiency using social media (preferred). 
  • Budget management experience (preferred). 
  • Partner establishment & development (preferred). 
  • Sponsor and donor acquisition (preferred). 
  • Volunteer management (preferred). 
  • Operations management Experience (Essential). 
  • Experience working with multicultural multilingual teams (preferred). 
  • Experience and understanding of key principles of Conservation (17 Sustainable Development Goals.) (Essential). 
  • Experience working with conservation programs is preferred (theoretical subject knowledge is essential). 

Be able to start 17 October 2022.

  1. Disclaimer

All applicants should note, that much of this role includes actively working in the local community of Bukit Lawang, the Sumatran Tropical Rainforest and across North Sumatra. This role can be very active and physically challenging at times.