Second Tree

General Volunteer

We are looking for volunteers who can commit for a minimum of 10 weeks, with adaptable profiles and who have the enthusiasm and energy we need to provide support in various areas across the organisation.

In this generalist role, you will find yourself responsible for a variety of tasks; helping to ensure that both our programme activities and day-to-day operations run smoothly. Second Tree works in a transparent way, in a challenging and changeable situation in the field; therefore, an ability to learn quickly and be open to feedback is vital.

The possible tasks included below are not exhaustive or rigidly defined; an exact role profile is dependent on the skill set of individual applicants. An average day might see you talking to students in a camp to tell them about a new class, or supporting in the writing of a grant proposal. Tasks could loosely fall within 4 key areas:


Supporting programme coordinators in maintaining the day to day running of their activities with the Youth Wellbeing or Adult Education Programmes

Supporting our children’s teachers or workshop facilitators in the planning or delivery of classes or excursions outside of camps

Communicating key messages about our programmes to our students in camps or urban areas

Admin, Finance & Logistics

Supporting the management in liaising with external partners

Maintaining organisation wide financial processes

Coordinating the arrival and housing of incoming volunteer


Supporting the planning and implementation of Second Tree’s fundraising initiatives, such as campaigns

Organising and maintaining regular communications with Second Tree’s donors (newsletters, thank you letters)

Supporting in the identification of relevant grants

Supporting in grant writing activities

 Digital communication

Contributing to the written/visual content of Second Tree’s social media output

Developing social media strategies to expand our reach and impact

Producing regular reports on performance

Website maintenance

Skills desired: 

While there are no experience or skill-specific applicant requirements for this position, candidates must:

Be accountable and efficient, making sure that tasks that you take up are completed on the agreed timeframe

Be honest and transparent, being able to give and receive feedback in the most straightforward way possible

Have a strong sense of humour, being able to make fun of yourself is key

Care for people; the interests of the people we work with should always be your first concern

Instil the values above in the people that work with you

Have keen problem-solving abilities, and a good understanding of what questions to ask, and when

Communicate in English, both written and orally

Learn quickly, managing a wide-ranging and intense workload

We offer

Accommodation in a shared house

Transportation to/from work

After completion of a three-month trial, if you commit long-term, small monthly expenses refund

In certain periods of the year, demand is extremely high, and the volunteer houses might be full. If you have the means to pay for your own accommodation, please let us know. We would still be happy to host you if space is available. However, in a situation where the volunteer houses are full, this would allow us to offer a volunteering opportunity to someone that cannot afford to pay rent.

How to apply:

Please send the following to Giovanni Fontana at:

1) Your CV

2) Your cover letter

3) Copy of your qualifications (If applicable)

In your mail, please:

4) Put “General Volunteer” as the subject line

5) Specify the dates you would be available to volunteer (starting date and length)

6) At the end of the email, copy-paste the link of the ad you are responding to

If the application includes all of these we will get back to you in a maximum of 48hs.