Payroll Administrator

Join Ooni as they are looking for a Payroll Administrator

Please note that only applications with a cover letter tailored for the Payroll Administator position at Ooni will be considered.

Eat pizza, get people paid. Eat more pizza. Repeat.

The job:

  • Be our Payroll Administrator! You'll be responsible for, you know, all the usual payroll stuff that's on every one of these job specs. Such as:

    • Paying people
    • and... er...
    • Did I already mention paying people?

  • Alix is our current Payroll Administrator and she's awesome. But jeezo she's a busy bee and needs a little help with monthly payroll. 
  • We've got team 300+ team members spread across the UK, Bonn, Austin TX, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Italy, Finland and China (told you Alix was busy!). The non-UK payroll and benefits bits are outsourced, but those relationships need to be managed and we've got to be able to challenge and sense check the input from outsourced providers.
  • We're currently onboarding about 5 people a month. So you'll need to say hi and help get them all set up.
  • We don't think this is a full-time job. 2 or 3 days a week should probably do it. Let us know if you've got any suggestions or requests that we need to be flexible around - we can be creative here!

 Apply if:

  • You've got 2+ years of proven multinational payroll skills and a deep deep specialism in navigating everything that's UK payroll-related - pensions, HMRC, payroll giving, cycling to work etc.
  • You know your way around a payroll system like a big nerdy Neo from the matrix. But instead of stopping bullets and doing kung-fu, you're firing out P60s and posting non-pensionable salary adjustments. I don't know about you, but I would watch that movie.
  • You have a hawk-like eye for detail and a porcupine-like passion for process.
  • You're freakishly organised. You almost certainly have a magnetic family planner on your fridge and it probably says something like 'use lettuce before Tuesday' on it.
  • You can really get on board with our values. Especially Rigour for this job. And even more especially Passion. Actually, especially all of them. They’re all important.

The Company:

Go to YouTube and search “We are Ooni”. That wee video pretty much says it all. If you want the quick version, here it is:

  • We make AMAZING pizza ovens that cook AMAZING pizza in 60 seconds. Beyonce has got one and she seems to be making some good life decisions.
  • We’re growing really really fast and have no plans to slow down. Get ready for some more growing. (We're officially the fastest growing private company in Scotland)
  • We’ve just signed the lease on a new office at Edinburgh Park so we can finally fit everyone in one place. We'll be in there in January, getting high on life and fresh paint fumes.
  • We’re now up to 332 in the whole team. That was 140 this time last year and only 60 the year before that. It’s fun meeting so many new people but we’re going to need name badges soon. I think I read somewhere that lanyards are this season’s bumbag, so we should be grand.
  • These are our values: Passion, Rigour, Innovation, Ambition and Kindness. We really do live by them and demand them in everything we do. It ain’t just corporate mumbo jumbo to us. See how they’re capitalised to show how important they are?


  • At least £25k FTE. It depends how amazing your experience is.
  • £1,000 to spend on Ooni stuff every year!
  • £500 to spend on your passion every year – whatever that may be.
  • Great pizza every single day if you want it. Yep. Every single day. And we’ll teach you to become a pizza pro.
  • After you've been here 5 years we'll give you 5 weeks off, fully paid to do whatever you like. Spend some time with the kids, go and find yourself in Cambodia, or y'know sit around in your underwear and watch Netflix. We're not judging.
  • Pension scheme, cycle to work, lots of treats, weekly yoga classes.
  • 35 days of holiday.
  • We love our people and look after them well. If there's something that's important to you but missing here, let's chat about it and see what we can do.

If you need to know more, have a look at our website. Read a bit about our values and products and generally just have a wee Google. If you like what you see and you fit the bill, send in your CV with a cover letter to tell us why you want to come on board. We really like nice letters – especially ones that are personalised just for us and this job - so please please please don’t forget that bit. We've never hired someone who didn't write us a nice letter. Except Jeff... but he did a cool dance.

Having a fantastic culture is really important to all of us at Ooni. We work hard to make it diverse and inclusive, and want everyone to have access to the same opportunities. If you would like this advert in a different format or need an alternative method of applying, please let us know. You can email us at jobs@ooni.com