VP Product

Join Hubble as they are looking for a VP Product

Our Mission

We believe that flexibility, autonomy & choice over where we work will improve the quality of life for knowledge workers across the planet. We aim to replace the need for an office lease with a software subscription to access the best workspaces all over the world and, in doing so, become the most significant global workspace provider without owning or leasing a single building. Our biggest asset in achieving this goal is our diverse team. We are committed to building an equitable, inclusive culture that reflects the ethics and values at the heart of our mission. We actively encourage applicants from all backgrounds and believe that no matter your sex, race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability or parental status- you will have the opportunity to succeed and make a difference here at Hubble.

Join us as we make hybrid working easy and accessible to all

What we're looking for

We are looking for an experienced Product Leader with a proven track record of building and scaling Product, Design and Research teams, processes and practices that delight customers in ways that drive the business forward. You have a deep understanding and appreciation of products as a discipline. You know how to build a world-class product function, implementing processes that enable Product, Design, Research & Engineering to collaborate and deliver effectively. As well as product strategy, you are well-versed in analytics, setting clear and focused product goals and coaching team leaders to achieve those goals.

The Role

This role reports to David, our COO.

Day to day, you will manage the team of Product Managers, coach and work with the Head of Design to develop the User Experience (Design and Research) teams, partner with stakeholders across the business—including the Head of Engineering—and represent the product function at C-level. You will have oversight throughout the process, ensuring the teams continue to work together as we scale and our product suite grows.

You will join an ambitious company that has defined the hybrid working solutions product category. We are a fast-growth business with a clear vision, and now is the time for us to hire our most senior Product person to own the strategic elements of product management. The role oversees product, design and research. Our product managers pride themselves on being customer-focused and guided by research and evidence regarding what they build. You will lead, coach and grow a high-performing team that values collaboration and is excited to have a Product Leader who will devise and execute our long-term product strategy.



  • Foster a culture of ownership and outcomes, ensuring projects are outcome-driven and those outcomes are meaningful to the business.
  • Connect OKRs to business outcomes and help teams align around overall business priorities.
  • Ensure product development translates to meaningful progress towards strategic goals.
  • Work with senior leadership to define the product's role in overall strategy and achieve it.
  • Coach teams to build impactful roadmaps. Bring these together to create a cohesive overall long-term product roadmap for the company.
  • connect vision and roadmap to company strategy and business outcomes.
  • Effective prioritisation with other function leaders.


  • Proactively seek ways to make the team's use of data more effective to cultivate a data-informed culture.
  • Work with design and UX leaders to set up clear roles and responsibilities to put user research at the heart of decision-making to reduce risk.
  • Bring customer insight to the rest of the leadership team to inform decision-making.
  • Develop an effective discovery process that maximises key learnings at speed across teams and continuously looks to improve the process further with input from the group.


  • Encourage a culture of collaborative, continuous, rapid experimentation and measurement.
  • Build the capability to identify and prioritise critical assumptions, use first principles vs best practices, and be transparent around risk acceptance.
  • Ensure the proper process, channels and forums for cross-team collaboration on solution implementation that delivers business outcomes.
  • Work with the broader leadership team to communicate delivery roadmap, risks and impact on other teams.
  • Partner with leadership from other teams (Marketing, Customer Support, Supply) to build effective processes of communication and collaboration, which lead to successful product releases and positively impact business outcomes as the business and the team scale.


  • An established Product Leader with the ability to operate at a senior level in a high growth tech environment.
  • Experience working on critical, highly visible customer projects that drive long term impact
  • A broad and deep understanding of metrics that drive business outcomes and product strategy.
  • Previous experience managing a team of Product Managers.
  • The ability to connect the finer details to the bigger picture - always evaluating the information to identify and understand both risks and opportunities.
  • Ability to navigate stakeholder management across multiple disciplines, influencing and shaping decision making to achieve alignment.
  • A passionate and creative problem solver with the optimism and energy to deliver results.
  • A product leader with experience leading diverse groups of people to deliver world-class products for our customers.
  • Experience building and maintaining a highly engaging and healthy team culture that drives collaboration and high impact.


We want to make sure that everyone who works at Hubble is comfortable and has the best environment to enable their work. We offer flexible hours, remote working and have a relaxed attitude to taking holiday - focusing only on whether work gets done. Benefits can be tweaked on an individual basis depending on what makes you most productive.

We live what we preach and Hubble has always worked in a hybrid way.

We are remote-first with time spent in the our HQ for culture and collaboration and the flexibility to work from anywhere on other days.

Here are some of the other benefits we offer:

  • Share Options
  • Private Healthcare
  • Free therapy via Spill
  • Freedom to work anywhere in the world, with on-demand access to a large network of central, local and global co-working spaces.
  • Macbook and peripherals.
  • Spotify Premium or Apple Music.
  • Kindle Unlimited + free technical books.