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Volunteer Fundraiser for unique wellbeing CIC

Touch Project CIC


Posted over 30 days ago...

Touch Project CIC is an educational and wellbeing community interest company. We are looking for a skilled fundraiser with social media experience to help us expand and become a well loved and respected profitable company. 


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London, NW1 3FE

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Expires at anytime

What will you be doing?

We need to raise our profile in a way that is credible, professional and caring.  We need regular fundraising efforts and social media posts, or help with software that helps schedule posts on several platforms.  It would be great to have a LinkedIn page for Touch Project CIC that draws professionals to our organisation.   The key to this is to bring people together in a safe, caring way to educate them about their own personal power of choice, consent and platonic pleasure to improve wellbeing naturally.   I am Kathy the founder of Touch Project CIC and we will be working together to generate a wave of interest and positive publicity.  If people are unaccustomed to platonic touch for wellbeing I want us to be able to demonstrate that platonic touch, hugs and cuddles are good for your health and these are in fact very powerful healing modalities.  If there is criticism of our work we want a spin doctor that can prove that what we are offering is actually a genuine form of therapy ( although we do not advertise it as such ).  The UK is possibly the loneliest country in the world and Touch Project CIC wants to change this through education and  our fun experiential workshops, where you choose to participate or not. This role is flexible in hours, virtual or face to face.  We want people who understand our cause and the merits of our very well received work.  I am an experienced therapist and a multi award winning NHS Star of the Year Wellbeing Coach. I am dyslexic and would really appreciate turning my years of volunteering on this project into a proper paid job!  Your fundraising expertise could help improve the health and wellbeing of our beloved nation. Thank you for your interest and we look forward to hearing from you soon.    

What are we looking for?

We are looking for reliable, experienced Fundraising and Social Media Marketing professionals, who can help create successful pitches for grant funding or sponsorship.  We are looking for genuine people who can understand and promote what we are offering.  Platonic touch, hugs and cuddles are needed now more than ever.  We want people who can add their uniqueness to our own to build a strong, steady and well respected brand. We want kind, compassionate people who have done self development so that you can really get behind the wellbeing message of Touch Project CIC.

What difference will you make?

Your help and expertise will enable us to adapt, expand and survive in these changing times.  We want to scope new markets with new possibilities, activities and ways of delivering our wellbeing workshops.  Our mission is to improve health and wellbeing through education and playful practice of choice, consent and boundaries. Your fundraising activities could help us thrive and make our long term growth sustainable at this critical time. You will help us reach out to the various volunteering communities to spread the word. Your networking and press contacts will help amplify the work already being done and we want to expand by growing an excellent team of volunteers that will ideally become paid workers.


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