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2X Collaborative

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The 2X Collaborative is a new global industry body for gender lens investing, launched at the UN Generation Equality Forum 2021 in partnership with GenderSmart and the Investor Leadership Network (ILN). It builds on the 2X Challenge, launched at the G7 Summit 2018 as a joint commitment, which has invested and mobilised more than US$ 11 billion under the 2X criteria since. The 2X Criteria and underlying indicators have quickly become a global industry standard for gender lens investing.

The 2X Collaborative now brings together the full range of investors deploying capital with a gender lens all over the world: development finance institutions, pension funds, family offices, financial institutions, asset and wealth managers, private equity and venture capital funds, and other capital providers and mobilizers. It provides members with access to peer learning networks, knowledge, co-investment platforms, partnership and training opportunities, and innovative investment tools.

The 2X Collaborative and GenderSmart have just announced their merger to give a unified, more powerful voice to the gender lens investing community, promote the integration of gender into mainstream investing strategies, and shape the market at scale. The two organisations will start operating as one merged organisation as of January 2023.

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