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Embracing the power of community. Our work propels local social leaders to inspire individuals, societies and positive change.

Mission: In Portuguese, SEJA means 'to be’. We believe in the power of local community leaders. Founded in Brazil, with affiliates in the US and UK, SEJA is a social purpose brand that collaborates with and develops local leaders with youth-focused social initiatives. These leaders encourage young people from disadvantaged communities to be the creators of their own journeys. With SEJA's support and the leaders' local knowledge, we break the community's harmful cycle, stirring cultural change and encouraging a new generation.

Model: SEJA works with local leaders from the communities it looks to serve, those who have built strong personal brands and are focused on uplifting cultural identities and organisations. Voices of their communities, these local leaders give insight into what that society needs; SEJA finds individuals with whom they can best learn from. We help strengthen and evolve these leaders and organisations by providing financial support, professional development, education, events, and outreach programs (within the local community and via digital.) These tools grow their projects and the leaders themselves, supplying a positive cultural alternative to the marginalised communities' often violent lifestyles.

SEJA offers three key services: Financial Support, Professional Development, and Cultural Outreach opportunities.

Financial Support Financially supporting grassroots community leaders continues to be a core part of the deliverables at SEJA. Adequate financing is the first barrier our partner local leaders face. That may be due to a lack of registration, supporting documentation, or access; there are many reasons our partners need to receive financing. SEJA works with projects that aren't always candidates for outside funding. Through monthly grants, SEJA provides a base for local leaders to build. That grant offers a sense of stability and brings sustainability to the project.

Professional Development SEJA developed the Professional Development Program to help partnering local leaders grow their impact alongside SEJA's financial support. This program means collaborating projects can evolve without economic dependency on SEJA.

The SEJA Professional Development Program is rooted in the needs of the communities where we work. The program offers interactive teaching methods and practical and attainable content. It incorporates the experiences and knowledge of our communities, helping leaders to develop professionally and grow the number of young people they work with and their opportunities. The program offers personalised professional training for SEJA's collaborating leaders, helping them develop and preparing them for success. Ultimately, we see a decline in dependency on SEJA for funding and daily aid.

What differentiates the SEJA program is our focus on understanding the people we work alongside. The program adapts to where and with whom we work, all complementary and executed personally. This, coupled with countless hours of one-to-one help, ensures that the leaders learn and implement strategies from the workshops into their programs. SEJA does not simply offer the resources; each leader gets the most out of the program and executes the lessons to the best of their ability.

Cultural Outreach The cultural branch of the organisation plays a crucial part in SEJA's ability to drive positive change and help build communities. A principal reason young people get involved with anti-social behaviour is a lack of identity and positive role models. SEJA's Cultural Outreach offers young people direction and relatable role models. SEJA supports and funds social businesses, collaborating to host cultural events. All to build community, encourage culture as a tool for social development, and show young people where culture can take them.

Stats we are proud of

  • 56

    Colaborating Community Leaders

  • 24+

    Physical Impact Sites across 4 cities

  • 3000+

    Young people attending SEJA colab projects

  • £300k

    + Invested directly into community led initiatives

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