Careers at Airspace

Whats an Airspace?

Office buildings and workplaces haven't been built for healthy living, so with Airspace we're changing them into living, breathing self sustaining spaces, with fresh open air, living walls, solar, wind and bicycle energy, grass areas, vege gardens and more.

Why 1 Floor at a time?
Many office buildings are now old, and the cost and time needed to upgrade the whole building to be environmentally friendly is often not affordable and it doesn't engage the tenants in any actual daily life change. The solution is converting each floor from offices into living air spaces, that the people who work in them, help convert and maintain.

Our 1st Active Mission - Courtney Quarter, Wellington
The first space mission is converting a 450 square metre floor at level 3 Symes De Silva House, 97-99 Courtney Place in Wellington New Zealand. Conversion started on 9 September. You can track progress by following our video documentary at

Behind the scenes