Careers at BACKED

About Backed

Backed is a €50m community-driven seed stage VC fund based in London. We founded in 2015 to back a new generation of entrepreneurs building companies and products that make us feel more optimistic about the future.

We believe this new generation of founders can break the mould in terms of human progress, and so we are breaking the mould to support it and discover the possibilities together. Recognising that early stage teams need so much more than funding, we’re pushing the limits of the VC model by building a human potential engine. We want to see what’s possible for them - and for the world - with a kind of human-centred and committed support that hasn’t existed before.

In the three years since we launched we’ve backed over 30 companies who are building a future we want to share. They’re harnessing evolution with AI, sparking the creative imagination of young people and creating slaughter-free meat, to describe a few. Over 90% of the companies we backed more than a year ago have already secured follow-on funding at an average valuation markup above 3x, raising from the best investors in Europe, such as Index Ventures, and in the US, such as Founders Fund.

Looking to 2019, we’re excited to raise a second fund, to work alongside more world-changing companies and to build out the most supportive VC founder experience available at seed stage.

Behind the scenes