Careers at Barrecore

Barrecore is a full body exercise that gives quick results - physically and mentally.

Our classes focus on strength, posture and mobility to help you feel good in your own body - not somebody else's.

The low impact nature of our method, and our expert teachers, means that we have clients of all ages and fitness levels. Whether you're an avid athlete, new to fitness or prenatal, postnatal or injured, Barrecore will benefit your body.

Our team make it their mission to ensure that everyone feels supported and part of our warm and vibrant community. No matter whether you’re in the studio for a class or you’re joining us for an online workout, you will feel the contagious energy and see the remarkable results that the Barrecore Method provides.

We have 13 studios across the UK and a hugely successful online platform.

Stats we are proud of

  • 1

    We empower our clients to feel strong in their own body

  • 2

    We focus on wellness and balance, not just fitness

  • 3

    We are a welcoming community in your neighborhood

  • 4

    We empower women - young and old

Behind the scenes