Careers at BookBox

Lovingly made for employee’s development, Book Box is a book subscription that brings selected books to your office every week - and provides that people and companies get the best out of reading.

HR specialists try tool after tool to help employees reach their personal and professional potential. And truth is, giving employees great books to read every month is an easy, elegant and efficient way to skyrocket their growth. It’s as lifelong learning as it gets :)

How it works:
- We select best non-fiction books, keeping track of new releases and expert recommendations.
- Each employee can order up to 3 books - and only active employees are being paid for.
- We deliver books to the office and replace them with new orders every week.

Through its unique business model Book Box engages more users than regular office libraries and e-book subscriptions. Employees always have access to most high-quality books and fresh ideas, enjoying an easy way to read, work and feel better.

Behind the scenes