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Canopy & Stars

Careers at Canopy & Stars

In 2010, we launched Canopy & Stars in an old farmhouse, with seven spaces and a team that could get round a few small desks, if we kept our elbows in.

As we grew, we discovered that there were a lot of amazing people out there building beautiful, inventive, often downright crazy places to stay and that more and more people were feeling the need to reconnect with nature. Nearly 200,000 Guests (and a staggering 9,000 dogs) have now used our collection to get outdoors.

We believe in making travel as low impact as possible. By working with Owners who build and live sustainably, and encouraging people to appreciate the natural world, we can be a part of preserving our environment. This focus has never been stronger, and in 2018 we established a Charitable Trust to support environmental causes and became Employee Owned to ensure our values are never compromised.

Behind the scenes