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Careers at Debate Mate

Debate Mate began as a charity, Debate Mate Schools, running after-school debating clubs in areas of high educational disadvantage. Debate Mate Limited provides communication and leadership skills training to corporates, professionals and other organisations who are looking for innovative training. Debate Mate Online, is our most recent venture and includes our Online Platform that gives teachers the tools to include debating in their classroom practice.

Debate Mate Schools runs after-school debating clubs in areas of high child poverty, delivered by students from the top universities as mentors. Debate Mate delivers a range of innovative, cutting-edge educational programmes that focus on developing communication skills, leadership, critical and creative thinking, teamwork and self-management, as well as building confidence, resilience and self-esteem.

Debate Mate Limited provides world-class communication and leadership training, executive coaching, engagement events, and consultancy for the business world. Our unique methodology is based on the fundamentals of competitive debating, and our programmes are delivered by young, dynamic, and fearless mentors - the majority of whom were themselves Debate Mate students. We have worked with over 5,000 professionals from blue-chip companies across the world including Goldman Sachs, the Premier League, and HSBC, increasing the capacity of individuals and teams and, ultimately, adding to our clients' bottom line. By working with the business professionals of today, we are able to grow the business leaders of tomorrow.

Debate Mate’s Values

Debate Mate prides itself on being a fun, enjoyable and diverse place to work. Debate Mate is a small, high energy, idea driven and hard working team. We are passionate about what we do and we strive to provide the highest quality in all of our programmes and a personal touch to our communication. Innovation - We constantly adapt and innovate to meet the needs of the audiences we work with.

Passion - Through our mentor-led delivery model, we inspire the people we work with to be their lead and develop core-confidence. Diversity & Inclusivity - Diversity is in our DNA and we believe that every individual should have the opportunity to develop key skills to succeed and fulfill their potential. Our programmes are for everyone.

Behind the scenes