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developmentplus is a charity based in Lincoln with 26 years' experience of working alongside disadvantaged and vulnerable people within Lincolnshire.  We work alongside people in their community, facilitating their involvement in decisions that affect their lives, supporting them to identify and develop initiatives that they feel will help improve their quality of life. Our aim is to build a future where every person thrives, and no one just survives. We support people experiencing disadvantage in Lincolnshire to:

Build their trust and confidence – by providing a safe space where we listen/value what they have to say. Develop their capacity and skills – by building on their strengths/aspirations and providing training to improve their economic prospects. Improve their health and wellbeing – by providing a range of services to support mental health. Engage and benefit from additional support – by encouraging service participants to speak out, and advocating for them as they seek specialist support about issues affecting their lives.

Behind the scenes