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fresh-range is a technology and logistics company based in the West of England.

We've been developing local, short, light supply chains as an alternative to the mass food supply system since 2013. Our multi-channel regional approach to food supply is reinventing the way cooks at home, in private kitchens and in the public sector think about sourcing food.

Core to our approach is our proprietary technology behind the platform and stores and its seamless link to our chilled fleet of vehicles which enable fulfilment via short, light and fast supply chains from the producer to the customer. Our online stores with supporting digital fulfilment platform enable food producers of any size (independent micro businesses right up to large multinational suppliers) to access new customer markets.

By sourcing food directly from award winning producers local producers, it means low food miles and no need for days or weeks of haulage and storage. Most of the food is baked, caught, cooked, cut, laid, picked or produced just before being delivered to the customer kitchen. Better tasting food, richer nutritional value.

In 2016, fresh-range was recognised as finalists in the BBC Food & Farming Awards, best Local Food Retailer and Greatest Contribution to Local Food with the Western Daily Press Food & Farming Awards and Best Technology Company with the Bristol Life Awards.

Thousands of people eat food supplied by fresh-range every week. In addition to retail home delivery customers, we are partners with a number of local authorities, schools and universities in the region.

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