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Our Vision  Social innovation for people by people Our Mission 

Spearhead social innovation, and social innovators Empower people to lead transformation, and innovate products and services   Develop impactful and sustainable solutions to resolve hardship, and overcome challenges   Provide people with greater opportunity to develop new skills or enhance and utilise existing skills Improve the welfare, health and well-being of individuals and communities Ensure people's voices are centred within all the work we do and championed in all the decisions made about them. 

We specifically work with people who are experiencing hardship or significant challenges. Last year many of the people we engaged with were: 

Feeling isolated or did not have access to food and/or shelter  Victims of crime and/or have been exposed to violence  Experiencing addiction or substance misuse difficulties   Experiencing poor physical and/or mental health Parents or carers with children who have physical and/or mental ill health Experiencing increased exposure to disease Living with low/no income  Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEET) Refugees or have been displaced  Living with loss of liberty

Our Values Whilst it is important for us to focus on the changes we want to make, it is also important to ensure that we act in accordance with our own set of values that we share with our supporters and stakeholders. Our core values are:

We are innovative and collaborative   

 We believe innovation must be a social and collaborative process that releases the power of diversity and difference. 

We are ambitious 

We are bold about the changes we want to make and are not afraid to set challenging goals, try new ideas and think big.

We drive inclusion 

People’s voices are at the centre of every action we take and change we help to make. We believe in enabling voice to improve ability, opportunity and security for equal lives. 

We nurture self-improvement and personal growth  

We always focus on developing a person's capabilities and potential, and enhancing their quality of life. 

We are evidence-based 

We are continuously learning and evaluating, and ensure that all of our work is underpinned by robust evidence to make better decisions, become better equipped to deal with the complexities of social issues, and improve efficiencies. Our global work:  We are a U.K. Community Interest Company so our focus will always be to work with people within all U.K. nations but we also recognise that there is increasing interconnectedness in global economies, cultures, and populations.  The challenges the people we work with face are global issues, with global responsibility and global remedy. By connecting with charities, professionals, researchers, social, health and education networks and policy makers in the global community, we will gain greater insight into people’s lived experiences, foster mutual learning and amplify our own community voices. This year we will incorporate the UN’s global Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) into our strategic development. The SDG’s implemented in 2015 to bring an end to poverty, hunger and inequality and to address climate change by 2030, provide a further framework to strengthen our outcomes and help us to consider how we might be more innovative as we campaign on our own missions.

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