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About us

At Kalo, we believe that work as we know it is undergoing a profound change. Workers around the world are getting things done on more flexible, dynamic, variable, and distributed terms. Our mission is to enable this shift to flexible work, by empowering companies and individuals to work together in new ways.

In 2015, we launched our solution to let companies easily onboard, manage, talk with, and pay their external workers. Since then, companies from fashion to tech -- Google, Asos, IDEO, AirBnB, and more -- have been able to throw away their tangle of spreadsheets and invoice emails, and work together with their freelancer and vendor teams in a clean, beautiful experience.


Why we're doing this

Kalo was started by our Founder, Peter, because he was frustrated with the way we all work together.

His experience at Google as a product designer led him to working with thousands of external contributors every year. These contributors ranged from contract UX researchers to huge design consultancies like IDEO. While flexible work became more and more central to Peter's work each day, Google's tools and processes only made sense for full-time workers.

As he did more research, Peter learned that his experience at Google was not unique: the entire working world was shifting towards a leaner way of working, where over 65% of professionals will be independent contractors by 2020.

So, in November 2014, Peter left Google and set about building Kalo with the mission of enabling and simplifying flexible work.

Behind the scenes