Careers at Overleaf

Overleaf is a collaborative writing and publishing system that makes the whole process of producing academic papers much quicker for both authors and publishers. Try it today at https://www.overleaf.com

With over two million users worldwide, Overleaf makes science and research faster, more open and more transparent by bringing the whole scientific process into one place in the cloud, from idea to writing to review to publication.

Writelatex Limited, the company behind Overleaf, was founded by John Hammersley and John Lees-Miller, two mathematicians who worked together on the pioneering Ultra PRT Project and who were inspired by their own experiences in academia to create a better solution for collaborative scientific writing.

Overleaf is supported by Digital Science. Digital Science is a technology company serving the needs of scientific research. Their mission is to provide software that makes research simpler, so there’s more time for discovery.

Behind the scenes