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Pathway CTM

Careers at Pathway CTM

Pathway CTM works with schools to find the best young talent and introduces successful candidates into industry at entry level roles.

In recognition of the changing attitudes towards university attendance and with increased Government expectation on schools and colleges to deliver structured careers strategy and employability development for young people aged 16-19 years, Pathway CTM was created.

Pathway CTM provides schools with an employability programme for all 16-19 year old pupils, with an introduction into industry or a school leaving recruitment model as a measurable outcome. Pathway CTM will work with those students who want to progress into business straight from school, and that have shown the right attributes to be a successful candidate. Those who have the hunger and desire to start work straight from school, and have the right attitude, will be introduced to potential employers with job opportunities that reflect their skill set and personality.

Pathway CTM runs an employability initiative working with corporate ‘employers’ that enables our partners to fill their apprenticeship schemes with the best, most-suited candidates to fill their entry level roles.

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