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Our CEO, Laurence Kemball-Cook set out with a clear mission; to produce clean, off-grid electricity all through the power of a simple footstep. Invented as an original, revolutionary technology, over 750 prototypes were created, and eventually, in 2009 a kinetic floor tile that could generate clean electricity was born.

Inspired by the desire to aid climate change, whilst still at Loughborough University, our founder, Laurence, won a placement with a major European energy company set with the challenge of looking at renewable energy solutions for street lighting.

Around this time, Laurence was regularly using Victoria train station, which has around 75 million visitors rushing through it each year. He realised that there might be potential to harness some of that human kinetic energy and convert it into off-grid electricity. 

From there, he developed the first Pavegen prototype in his Brixton bedroom, a rectangular device that contained a single generator. But as an unproven technology, he had nowhere to validate his invention. Laurence made a risky decision to install a Pavegen tile on a building site, without permission. He took some photos, posted them online, and then used social media to push his revolutionary technology looking for investment. It worked.


Laurence’s original dream was to create a floor tile that could power the entire world. However, as time has gone on, he discovered a way to create a far bigger impact, with our revolutionary underfoot generators.

A component that is so crucial yet is missing from so many sustainable solutions, is incentivising real behaviour change.

We need a shift in the behaviour of our communities, making them smarter and in turn, more sustainable. Pavegen inspire, incentivise, captivate, encourage and spark an entire experience through a single footstep.

Now coupled with our newest technological development, Pavegen goes on to physically recognise this positive behaviour, by rewarding users for contributing their step and doing good. With this adaptable digital extension, your audience can leave a lasting impact on their community, that goes far beyond the initial touchpoint.

Our R&D team in Cambridge are constantly innovating, striving to better our solutions. We know the potential is enormous, but the reality is already demonstrable. With over 200 projects in 37 different countries so far, get in touch to harness the true power of your community…


We understand that technology alone won’t make our world more sustainable. It’s about people and changing their behaviour.

Our strength does not just lie in the generation of clean electricity. Solar panels, wind turbines, hydro-technology can do that. What we truly believe in, is the untapped power of people. What makes Pavegen so unique, and in our opinion, integral to a better, more sustainable world, is real human relationships and collective participation towards a cleaner planet.

WHAT WE DO Pavegen generates more than electricity. It generates excitement. We use that excitement to captivate imaginations and inspire people to think and act differently. work with organizations, brands and other partners who share our values and ambition. Together, we can realise the potential of kinetic technology both to power cities and to captivate audiences. Our interactive digital platform allows our partners to communicate with Pavegen users and gain insight into their behaviours, beliefs and values.

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