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Polymath Ventures is a company builder creating new and innovative business from scratch using a combination of design- and business-thinking. Our Bogot’Ќ headquarters is a mix of talented people from all over the globe focused on doing one thing: Building new ideas into the world.

Polymath Ventures is based in Bogot’Ќ Colombia. We have chosen Colombia as a launching point into Latin America for a number of reasons including market size and growth trends access to talent regional scalability and an increasingly supportive business culture.


About us

Polymath is a company builder designed for emerging economies

Polymath builds businesses from the ground up to scale massively across Latin America. We design the venture concepts in-house, find exceptional founding talent to lead them, work full-time alongside the founders from pre-launch trough early operations, and bring together the necessary capital to ensure success. We build this way because we believe we can spur high-impact entrepreneurship in emerging markets, employ thousands of people, and create outsized returns for our investors.

Together, it is the combination of our own methodology and the incredible talent we attract that drastically increases the chance of business success.

Our ideology

Team first
A great team is the foundation to generate a vibrant business; the ideas we achieve and implement are the product of our process

Entrepreneurship “technology”
We employ a specific methodology of entrepreneurship drawing from design thinking, lean startup, and management consulting

Global, local, multi-disciplinary talent
True innovation can happen when you bring together highly talented people with diverse backgrounds and skillsets

Real industry
We focus on innovations in core industries like financial services, health, and education, where the real needs of everyday people lie

Entrepreneurial ecosystems are under developed in emerging markets, so we build our own networks to support the growth of our ventures


Why Colombia?

Polymath Ventures is based in Bogotá, Colombia. We have chosen Colombia as a launching point into Latin America for its market size and growth trends, access to talent, regional scalability, and increasingly supportive business culture.

The middle class is growing rapidly with newfound prosperity and disposable incomes. There are salient needs to be met, but not the sophisticated firms to meet them. Polymath focuses on ‘real’ industries like financial services, health, and education; where consumer needs lie, and where market inefficiencies present exciting opportunities for creating large businesses. Problems in the region are generally unsolved, allowing for space to innovate and capture large markets with less competition, and common language and cultural ties enable growth across borders.

Behind the scenes