Root Camp Foundation CIO

Root Camp Foundation CIO

Careers at Root Camp Foundation CIO

Root Camp is a field-to-table residential cookery school for young people 15-21 years.

We divide our time between kitchen and field cooking dishes from scratch and exploring the provenance of ingredients.

We are committed to a socially diverse and inclusive approach as this most effectively influences young peoples attitude to food and health.


Why are we exciting?

Our courses are hands on / immersive.

We are working with a challenging but rewarding/intersting age group.

We meet chefs and field leaders with expertise and passion.

Feedback from our alumni is fantastic.

We work with young people from all walks of life.  Integrating very different individuals is part of the magic of Root Camp.

We have a striking identity, good graphics and design.

We have a history of success and a replicable fomat, good contacts within the educatioal establishment.

We have all the elements in place for scale.  

With funding we could play a signficant part in changing the culture of food amongst young people.

Behind the scenes