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SafetyNet Technologies

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SafetyNet Technologies (SNTech) is a small start-up focused on increasing sustainability in the commercial fishing industry. Current fishing processes and technologies can be very unselective, leading to the capture of the wrong species and ages of fish and their subsequent wastage. We aim to make the fishing industry smarter through technology development to accelerate scientific research, applying its findings in the form of affordable, user-friendly electro-mechanical devices and new fishing practices.

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Escape's take on SafetyNet Technologies

SafetyNet is addressing the environmental, ecological and economical impacts of waste in the commercial fishing industry with its innovative PISCES technology - a set of fishing lights that can deter certain species to the tune of a 90% reduction in bycatch. Their impact is broad for such a small team and they align very closely with several of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. They've made the leap into the top 10 of our Escape 100 this year off the back consistently high scores in every category. Any budding environmentalist shouldn't hesitate to jump at the chance to work for this brill-iant organisation.

Stats we are proud of

  • 90%

    Bycatch reduction potential by using our technology

  • 25%

    Revenue increase potential for fishermen

  • 20%

    Decrease in fuel costs by fishing more efficiently

  • 100%

    Employees would recommend us as a great place to work

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