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About Us

SVC manages wildlife viewing trips with exclusive access to Wildlife Conservation Society sites across Cambodia. We were registered as a local NGO with the Ministry of Interior in 2006.

Our goal is to provide an alternative sustainable livelihood from ecotourism for the local communities at the sites that WCS prioritises for conservation. In return for the income and employment received they are asked to sign no hunting and land use agreements, which are monitored by Ministries of Environment and Forestry patrol teams advised by WCS.

About Sam

Sam Veasna was a pioneering Cambodian naturalist who tragically died of malaria in 1999 aged 33 while surveying the Northern Plains of Cambodia for the now extinct Kouprey.

During his short life he was responsible for discovering and cataloging many of the most important sites for conservation in Northern Cambodia, including the discovery of large numbers of Sarus Crane at Ang Trapaeng Thmor.

The Sam Veasna Center for Wildlife Conservation was set up in his memory to promote conservation throughout Cambodia and find ways to continue his work protecting the endangered species of the country.


SVC have been featured in many local, regional and international media over the years, just a few are below, and we’ve got some amazing new ones coming soon so do check back.

We have also been key contributors to major wildlife films and documentaries by BBC, Animal Planet, Fauna in Focus, Antidote Productions and more which will be viewable soon via our Youtube channel.


In 2016 SVC won Gold Medal at The World Responsible Tourism Awards for Best Contribution to Wildlife Conservation. This was a huge honour and recognition of our work on a global stage, and we are enormously proud.

Over the years we have received a number of awards for both our conservation and community efforts, as well as for our service and experience. A few are shown here.


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