Careers at Snact

Give a shit and get shit done! Our company is founded on the principle that good business is based on good values. We're a snack company that uses food to tackle environmental and social issues. Our first product is fruit jerky a 100% fruit snack that tackles food waste.


About us

Snact was launched in 2013 by two lifelong friends whose ambition is to radically transform the global food system. Our signature product is fruit jerky, a dried blended fruit snack sourced from surplus - fruit that would otherwise be discarded for superficial imperfections. We buy it directly from British farmers and pack houses at fair prices, and creates a healthy product with a long shelf life. Up to now, we've sold products made from 50 tonnes of saved UK produce, which is equivalent to 5.5 London double decker buses. In 2017, we've already doubled our impact, recently acquiring 100 tonnes of surplus apples from Kent which will be made into snacks, and are expecting to save even more fruit later in the year!

Behind the scenes