Sutton Community Farm

Sutton Community Farm

Careers at Sutton Community Farm

Sutton Community Farm is a not-for-profit social enterprise growing fresh organic vegetables as well as providing a shared space for the local community to cultivate skills. The farm was started in 2010 by the local community. Community consultation had identified a need for local fresh food, employment and skills. So with a small team of staff and a large group of volunteers we started the process of nurturing 7 acres of derelict land overlooking the London skyline back to life. Starting from an empty field we are now London's most productive veg farm.

Sutton Community Farm exists because the food system is damaging to people and the planet, and we believe we have a responsibility to demonstrate an alternative model. Our farm demonstrates how participatory and inclusive agroecological food production improves people’s health and well being*, is ecologically regenerative, and is financially viable.

* by “improves people’s health and well being” we mean: Improves physical and mental health Builds community and meaningful social networks Provides opportunities for learning Provides decently paid, meaningful jobs

Stats we are proud of

  • 17

    tonnes of veg grown per year in London!

  • 180

    volunteer sessions per year

  • 26

    % of volunteers have support needs

  • 600

    VegBox orders per week - delivering sustainable veg to homes

Behind the scenes

Team makeup

  • 10


  • Learning & development

    We'll contribute towards books, training courses and conferences that help you learn and grow in your role here.

  • Cycle-to-Work

    We are registered under the Cycle-to-Work scheme, so you can buy a bike and accessories tax-free.

  • Equipment

    Choose your own equipment: let us know which tools you need and we’ll do our best to get them for you.

  • Pensions

    Pensions, with a 3% employer contribution.

  • Holiday

    33 days’ holiday a year (inc UK public holidays), plus 1 extra per year of service up to 5. And we encourage you to use them all up! It's a marathon, not a sprint.

  • Flexible working

    Whether your child's ill, you're waiting for a package, or you have some deep-focussed work to do, we all work from home for part of the week. We encourage everyone to work from home when you need to.

  • Socials

    Regualar farm events with staff and volunteers, often involving our pizza oven