Careers at Talentful

Talentful.ai helps technology companies make faster and more accurate hiring decisions. We leverage machine learning to help you enrich, analyze, and prioritize your developer talent pipeline. Our team possesses extensive experience in technology, management, and recruitment.

We integrate with major ATS’s like Jobvite, Greenhouse, Jazz (Resumator), Lever and any ATS’s with open APIs. Then, our engine collects social content and code snippets of the candidate from public sites such as Github, Meetup, Blogs, Ruby Gem and Stack Overflow. As technology is constantly evolving, we have mapped out the relationship amongst different technology skills.

Our engine then analyzes the digital footprints and resumes of these developers to extrapolate the most comprehensive and accurate insights available on the commercial market. Our recommendation on talent comes with statistical confidence. For every talent recommendation, you will see how the engine made its decision.

Our vision is to deliver exceptional value to employers, recruitment agencies and executive search firms by providing a high level of confidence in their candidate evaluation process. We provide an added level of comprehension and insight on candidate profiles that was not readily available in-house and save recruiters time, effort, and money.

Behind the scenes