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The Future Mapping Company

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The Future Mapping Company is at the cutting edge of contemporary map-making. Our award winning maps combine traditional map-making techniques with modern colour palettes and a contemporary graphic style. Our maps are aesthetically arresting showing the versatility of modern cartography as an enticing addition to the home or office as wall art.




About us

Our team combines a love of cartography, a passion for the printing process and a drive for great design to create this distinctive and stylish take on a well-known form. Our world wall maps demand central wall-hanging space and push the boundaries of the more traditional designs in the market place.

We design every detail of our maps at our studio in East London with printing by specialists in the United Kingdom and Germany. We use a lithographic printing process to give bold colours and shimmering metallics that echo the hand-painted maps of the days of the great explorers.

We pride ourselves on bringing a sense of wonder and extravagance back to the functional wall map.

'The common idea of a world map as some frayed old document on a school wall is dispelled with the set of three world wall charts from The Future Mapping Company'      The Times Magazine

'The Future Mapping Company is a challenge to the Ordnance Survey standard'      Wallpaper Magazine

'The Future Mapping Company are the kings of 21st century cartography'

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