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The Mimic Method

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Idahosa, The Mimic Method

My name is Idahosa (pronounced ee-DOW-ssah) Ness and I am the founder of The Mimic Method.

The Mimic Method is the name of the unique approach I used to learn six foreign languages (and counting). 

The conventional approach starts with reading and writing and ends with hearing a pronunciation, but The Mimic Method goes in the opposite (and natural) order:

  • Master hearing and pronunciation first, so that your ears, mouth and brain are physically prepared to learn the language fast and natural.
  • Pick up new words and expression “by ear,” by listening closely and mimicking the sounds exactly.
  • Focus on “Connection over Correction.”

Ultimately, our mission is to help as many individuals as we can cross the language barrier and build meaningful relationships with the people on the other side.

I try to capture the essence of The Mimic Method in the video below, where I rap in 8 different languages.

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