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The Rattle

Careers at The Rattle

The Rattle's mission is to be the source of a cultural rennaisance in music and ensure artists never need to choose between a career and making progressive art.

Talented artists, tech startups, founders, producers, managers, and rule-breaking labels apply to become a member of The Rattle Collective (London or Los Angeles). If successful, they are provided workspace, studios (with engineers), and mentorship from pioneers like Grammy Award winning Imogen Heap, to Forbes'​ celebrated Angel investor and founder of Angel's Den, Bill Morrow.

The Rattle was founded by MIT technology entrepreneur Chris Howard (Libboo, Techstars, MassChallenge), global touring artists Bobby Bloomfield ("Does it offend you, Yeah?"​, 50 Cent, Virgin Records), and music-tech accelerator pioneer Jon Eades (Abbey Road Red)

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