Careers at THIS

THIS is a high-growth, VC-backed start-up producing plant-based food. Meat-alternatives, to be exact. In fact if we’re being reallllly exact – our products are at the leading-edge of the plant-based sector in terms of taste, texture and appearance. Here’s our insta, for a quick stalk -

It’s worth mentioning that since our launch in June 2019, the company has experienced extremely significant growth in revenue – 188% in the last year. We have strong aspirations to continue this growth trajectory as we aim to be the no.1 plant based brand in the UK and beyond and we believe we have the team (60 plus and growing) and investment to do achieve this.

Stats we are proud of

  • 188%

    Thats our YoY growth!

  • 3.5m

    How many Kilos of CO2 we've saved to date!

  • 500k

    The number of chickens we've saved!

  • 19k

    The number of Pigs we've saved!

Behind the scenes