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Yes to Life is inspired by a different way of responding to cancer. Our aim is to change culture and attitude giving the choice of the individual the highest priority. We help anyone in the UK who has cancer by directly supporting them to find a positive way forward in making their own treatment choices; by raising public aware through our educational programme; through our wellbeing workshops; and by directly funding people to have access to the benefits of Complementary and Alternative Medicine ('CAM'). We have created a Life Directory on our Website which is a searchable directory of Treatments Practitioners and Organisations relating to integrative approaches to cancer treatment. We are completely independent do not fund research and our money goes directly to helping people.

What is our culture like?

Compassion is an impulse within a person which is an expression of the truth of who they really are.

YTL is a powerhouse of empathy and of love for humanity. Our frontline service of talking directly to those with cancer is an arena for great awareness of people's inherent needs, but the power of our work together is multiplied massively when we recognise these needs in all our differing roles and in all our interactions.

Stats we are proud of

  • 01

    We empower people to take control of their cancer

  • 02

    We provide all the options not just those from the NHS

  • 03

    We create a happy place for everyone who works for us

  • 04

    We say 'Yes' not maybe or possibly or 'No' we give hope

Behind the scenes