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I've just moved to Switzerland, having worked as a Press Officer for the human rights charity, Survival International. Prior to my work in humanitarian communications, I was a broadcast journalist ...
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Hi! I'm currently working on the front desk of a four star deluxe London hotel, I have two years experiance and manage a small team in a our daily opperations. I really enjoy helping people and peo...
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New Member
Hello, my name is Max and I am currently a management accountant with 5 years of experience. I am looking for a change but I am not sure what it should be. I am looking to get out there and do some...
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MD of The Blue Garnet London. Head of Partnerships at Central Working - Helping businesses to grow
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Where can a Japanese/English bilingual people person work?
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I am an anthropology major with a love for culture and adventure. Observing, understanding, and reflecting, it's what I do best. My wisdom grows through listening, sharing experiences and building ...
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Hello everybody, I'm an imminent Creative Writing graduate with experience working for a literary agency, and interest in publishing television and film. It would be great to connect with potential...
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Have you seen the exit sign?
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New Member
An analytic creative living in Brighton. Passionate about creating great products and solving REAL problems. Turning great ideas into real working products.
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My name is Marcin, I am a teacher of English by trade and worked at a secondary school in the northwest of Poland for 12 years then I did my living as a manager of a restaurant for 3 years and a ha...
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New Member
I am a lawyer with three years experience. I am looking for job opportunities in business here or abroad. I love to travel and would love a job that keeps me moving!
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New Member
Hi, I'm an International Marketeer with over 13 years experience in building business from scratch, developing international markets, launching new products and services. I'm looking for job opport...
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