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I am who I am. I love to have fun. I love you if you love me.
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An ex-fat man turned digital person. Founded Enable which grew to become the UK's #1 Digital Agency. Am now playing entrepreneur and investor.
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Hi everyone, I’m a Management Trainee with 1 years strategy experience.
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Business for sale - Environmental education centre / surf camp
New Member
Hello, I'm on my 8th year working on Wall Street. Looking for job opportunities in start-ups related to health and fitness. Energized, motivated and open to new ideas.
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New Member
I am people manager and love to deal with people and interest in employee relations
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Hi there! I'm Casey. I've been a corporate trainer, focused on leadership, staff, and career development for over 12 years. I've never "fit" in that world. I'm ready to follow my passion for coachi...
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New Member
Hi, I have recently concluded my postgraduate degree in international cooperation, and I have been working in any NGOs, but right now i want to take one year to develop any ideas and experiences, a...
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New Member
I am a web developer, looking for Job
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New Member
Part-time pilot, reluctant Actuary and trainee martial artist. I am the one in full swan dive pose in the pic. Looking for a way to merge my professional day-job with my multitude of other interes...
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New Member
I just finished the medical career, I've been working in different hospitals in a program of training in Ghana and Egypt. I am looking for an opportunity to work and/or help in any NGO or volunteer...
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New Member
Hello! I'm a communications professional with strong administrative skills with experience in diverse industries: marketing, communications, sales. I am looking for a challenging and interesting j...
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