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New Member
Hello world! I am Danielle, I majored in Food Marketing and a specialty management program called Leadership, Ethics, & Organizational Sustainability at Saint Joseph's University. I studied abroad ...
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New Member
Digital Marketer and Surf Club Founder (www.surfcooperative.com), I'm always plotting my next escape. Currently seeking a partner to explode surf club opportunities.
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New Member
one part coder, two parts writer, a dash of marketing and splash of design. served entrepreneurially. now http://goseehear.com
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New Member
Hello from Austria! I am a teacher and I have got two wonderful sons, 20 and 23 years old, successful students, but their real passion is fitness and health. Their big dream is to get the qualific...
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New Member
Ciao! I'm a freshy graduate in management engineering and I am currently looking for my first job experience as an engineer! I co-founded, and collaborated as a consultant, for a brilliant startup ...
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New Member
I am a national account manager with Warner Bros Entertainment based in Sydney. I currently look after a diverse portfolio of clients including large retail and digital businesses. I am looking for...
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New Member
Hello, I am 28 and currently studying Business Management full time. I have over 7 years work experience in the workforce mostly in the local government sector. I am looking for somewhere exciting ...
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New Member
Hi everyone, I'm account manager in a global design agency. My work is only compromises, I have to organize people to satisfy my clients, and to manage their stress and so on ! I would like a mor...
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New Member
I'm a registered Pharmacist with 22years experience in the profession. I helped to develop and manage a chain of Pharmacies with at it's peak £50m turnover. I am currently providing some unpaid con...
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New Member
Hi all, I've been working in Management Consulting with 3 years' cross-industry strategy experience. I’m looking for start-up opportunities ideally abroad (Asia, Australia, the Americas, France) bu...
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New Member
I am an idealist who wants to travel and do work that is meaningful. I have a BA in Environmental Studies and I love all things food.  I am most interested in sustainable food system...
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New Member
Hi. Please help me escape! I'm a restauranteur & Chef with 20+ years of busy, high volume experience in the UK & USA. I'm looking for job opportunities in fresh food start ups in the UK or abroad. ...
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