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New Member
I am an international development professional with experience in Eastern Europe, Central Asia and South/Southeast Asia. I'm searching for roles with development companies, charities and corporatio...
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New Member
Hi All, I am a former management consultant with ten years of experience leading large business transformation projects and building new business divisions from the ground up. Interested in startup...
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New Member
MBA with product marketing, strategy, and cross-functional management expertise in the Tech and Mobile industries. Thrives in diverse environments having worked and studied in Asia, Europe, and Nor...
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New Member
I currently work in Analytics for a media agency with 2.5 years of marketing analytics experience. I also have a background working in management consulting and technology incubation. I am lookin...
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New Member
Hi All...I still live in the city , but I escaped the corporate job and am very happily self employed in the vacation rental reservation business. I assist homeowners (all over the world!) with the...
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New Member
I am looking to escape my current job where most of my time is spent behind doing boring and unfulfilling work. I want to escape this and work with real people on projects that actually mean so...
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New Member
I am a former investment banker and strategy consultant who happily made the move into the start-up world. Now I would love to get in contact with interesting and inspiring people. I'm open for n...
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New Member
Hello, I'm a multi-skilled professional with solid background in sales, business development and product management. I'd like to 'escape-the-city' and start doing work that really make sense. I'...
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New Member
I am an entrepreneur with a passion for bringing creative ideas to fruition. As an entrepreneur, client-service skills are ingrained in me, and so is, the importance of establishing solid relations...
Connect with Amber Knowles
New Member
Formerly an English teacher in Hong Kong, currently working in the public sector in Austin, Texas, USA.
Connect with Jessica Higgins
New Member
1) Hello. I am a global educator that supports international students in transitioning to college/graduate school in the U.S. 2) I work for a startup education company, S3 University Compass th...
Connect with Jennifer Liepin
New Member
Level headed, hugely ambitious and disgustingly friendly. 5 years in Marketing, a published writer (including a feature in the Globe & Mail) and a degree in Psychology, I've combined a number of c...
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