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New Member
Hello Everyone! I'm Crystal and I am currently a student. I'm in my junior year at Cleveland State University, majoring in Social Work and International Relations. I have also worked as a Behavior ...
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New Member
Afternoon! I'm an evolving creative art director, from festivals to film direction, instrument building to graphic design. Having just left my job as a creative in a marketing company, I'm freelan...
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New Member
Hi there, I am a postgraduate student with experience working and living in India and Mexico. While abroad I've had some amazing experiences and met many inspirational people which has taught me th...
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New Member
In search of Game-Changers hell-bent on making a difference.
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New Member
Water Baby. Loves Music, Social, Digital, Sustainability, Creativity and Diversity! Views are my own.
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New Member
1) The day I know ...Who am I ?....You will know. 2) Inspiration. 3) First "Me " then "Others". Cheers
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New Member
Hey hey, I'm a British digital diva living in Malaysia with an MA in Global Communications plus 2.5 years digital advertising experience (client management + strategy) and 2 years online marketing ...
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New Member
Following a Masters in Finance, I joined a large British bank on a graduate programme that gave me terrific experience working in customer service and project management roles across thre...
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New Member
I'm a college senior pursuing degrees in hospitality and tourism management and global studies. After graduation, I want to work in the States or abroad and get a better feel for international busi...
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New Member
Hi everyone! I'm a project lead in spatial information management (I oversee map creation and manage the associated data). While it's been an interesting career, I'm looking to get back into market...
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New Member
I'm a wedding and portrait photographer just starting out, having left my corporate role earlier this year. I'm really passionate about my new business, and love working for myself - I love to conn...
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New Member
I am motivated to help build sustainable, bio-diverse and efficient global food and agriculture systems. I recently graduated with an MSc in agricultural development economics and have been work...
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