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New Member
TeachFirst teacher and Management consultant with Accenture. Always looking for exciting opportunities and always happy to give insights and network
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New Member
Hi! I'm a Canadian who's just browsing right now :) I hope everyone finds what they're looking for - because life sucks when you HATE your job ;) good luck!
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New Member
Hey everyone, my name is Alex Morman. I am a recent finance graduate from Morehouse College and looking for a new experience to embark on! I can assist you with community organizing and business lo...
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New Member
I am Katie. I am originally from Chicago and left a job in investment consulting to move to London. I am currently serving as the Marketing Director for Secret Compass and for The Founders Hive.
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New Member
23.A vibrant cheesecake lover, idealist & aspiring social entrepreneur. For now though, I want to work in Social Media and digital marketing because it's something I'm good at and love doing. I am ...
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New Member
I am passionate about social change through PLAY in public spaces; community psychology/architecture; urban interventions; Buddhist psychology; grassroots movements, CREATIVITY!
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New Member
Hi I am a freelance journalist and social media consultant with three years working in both disciplines. I currently work as a freelance journalist and am interested in more assignments and getting...
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New Member
Hi! Im an accesories designer, and have been working for large multinationals as a buyer and as a production manager. I escaped the corporate world and am now a MA in Applied Imagination at Central...
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New Member
Hi there, I worked in finance in London before leaving to pursue a tech startup in Barcelona. In the words of TechCrunch "Every few years someone tries to unseat the big social networks by creating...
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New Member
Hiya. I am a dreamer, adventurer and regular escaper, looking to escape permanently. I am looking for business opportunities where I can offer my Marketing & Communications skills. I ...
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New Member
Hello! I have recently completed my masters in Media, Communication and Development at the LSE. I am looking for international development sector opportunities in London related to communications a...
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New Member
I have worked in the finance sector for over 20 years and did not enjoy a single day of it. Left to pursue careers in the charity sector as a fundraiser but found for a number of reasons that this ...
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