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Miss Sussex 2012, Miss England's Sportswoman 2012, Rep at Chardons in Tignes : - Ambitious, Efficient, Passionate, Honest & Creative! (Mad for Owls & Art)
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New Member
A recent LSE graduate looking to work either in-house or as a consultant for companies or projects looking to improve their social impact while working in global markets. I have project management,...
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New Member
Hi everyone, I'm here because I am looking to find a way to help in this world while also perfecting my skills. One day I will be an established potter, as well as a successful industrial psycholog...
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New Member
I am an Indian living and working in Tomsk, Russia. I love to travel. I am looking for a change in my life. I am at present working as a trading agent for a Russian Organization. I love to meet new...
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New Member
Hey there! I am a part time university student, part time traveler, always looking for new, great opportunity for my long summers and time off. Looking for great short time or amazing long term opp...
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New Member
Hi everyone, I’m a registered (european union) Physical Education Teacher, Sports Coach (football, volleyball, swimming..) both with 5 years experience with 6 to 18 years old students. I’m looking ...
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New Member
Adventurer, photographer, writer, designer, double world-record holder.
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New Member
I am available for a chat or an email if anybody has any questions regarding the ins and outs of starting your own business. Additionally if anybody has any ideas or know of any other websites simi...
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New Member
Who am I?I'm somebody who loves to travel, loves food and loves adventure. I am a business professional specializing in both marketing, and operations strategy development and execution.I have...
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New Member
Aloha people from around the world!! Im a Law School student from Venezuela. Im very enthusiastic about consciuos humanity and sustainable development. I like to work for causes related with people...
New Member
Hi my name is Angus and I'm living in Sri Lanka with family - I'm an MBA educated and qualified executive coach. I'm looking for an opportunity to run a charity in Sri Lanka
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New Member
Hi, I am a recent college graduate currently teaching English in Thailand. I am looking for job opportunities pertaining to economic development, especially in Asia. However, I am also open to posi...
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