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New Member
Adventurer, photographer, writer, designer, double world-record holder.
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New Member
I am available for a chat or an email if anybody has any questions regarding the ins and outs of starting your own business. Additionally if anybody has any ideas or know of any other websites simi...
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New Member
Who am I?I'm somebody who loves to travel, loves food and loves adventure. I am a business professional specializing in both marketing, and operations strategy development and execution.I have...
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New Member
Aloha people from around the world!! Im a Law School student from Venezuela. Im very enthusiastic about consciuos humanity and sustainable development. I like to work for causes related with people...
New Member
Hi my name is Angus and I'm living in Sri Lanka with family - I'm an MBA educated and qualified executive coach. I'm looking for an opportunity to run a charity in Sri Lanka
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New Member
Hi, I am a recent college graduate currently teaching English in Thailand. I am looking for job opportunities pertaining to economic development, especially in Asia. However, I am also open to posi...
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New Member
HI, I am a PR and marketing consultant based in the Midlands. My main clients are in the agriculture, crop protection, pest control and international development sectors. I also have an interest in...
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New Member
Hi there, I currently work in Commercial Litigation and would like to transition to strategy and planning. I'm looking for opportunities in New York City, and would be happy to chat over a cup of c...
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New Member
I'm a writer and events producer with 16 years experience of producing large corporate events in the UK, Europe and the US. I've also got five years' experience as a stand-up comedian and have take...
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New Member
I've assisted non-profits, start-ups, and established businesses and I'm ready for my next adventure! I'm tenacious, ethical, and motivated. My experience ranges from accounting, finance, HR, an...
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New Member
Hey there! I'm a recent college graduate (Summa Cum Laude) with a degree in Economics & Business and Studio Art. I am passionate about graphic design and marketing and would love to help out others...
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New Member
Ex restaurant manger, now in the social sector - looking to combine the two. I would love to discuss start ups and potential opportunities to collaborate.
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