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New Member
Founder of Guludo Beach Lodge and Nema Foundation (working in northern Mozambique) and Thin Cats. Looking for aspiring world-changers to work with us take our mission of using tourism to eradicate ...
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New Member
I am 28 and currently working as a litigation lawyer for a large organisation/charity in London. Although I don't hate my job, I frequently catch myself feeling unfulfilled, and wondering what...
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New Member
I worked in sales/business development for 7 years in London before moving to Hong Kong to start our Asia based sales team. We run large scale B2B exhibitions globally. I'm looking for something th...
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New Member
Hi everyone! I'm currently manager of investor relations for a hedge fund, and a freelance writer and columnist for an online magazine. I'm exploring opportunities in Africa where I can focus mor...
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New Member
I'm an elementary teacher with 5 years experience, but have had the opportunity to work positions from horse wrangling to kayak instructing. I'm looking for a change of pace from teaching in a cla...
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New Member
I"m a Hong Kong based nomadic entrepreneur who runs an international recruitment consultancy and a web design and mobile app development company. www.careerhack.net www.primerdesigns.com I'm...
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New Member
Hi everyone! I'm a travel junkie who's trying to tour the world and make a living at the same time. After recently quitting my job at the French Embassy in the US, I went back to (business) school...
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New Member
Experienced IT professional combining strong business acumen with extensive project and programme management background. 13+ years of large scale international development and deployment (mainly En...
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New Member
I am a committed businessman who is looking for an opportunity to test my ability with a role that provides unique challenges and requires an exceptional need for entrepreneurial flair, innovative ...
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New Member
Currently failing at escaping.
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New Member
Hello! I am a Visual Designer and I enjoy design, photography, communities and branding! I created a community to promote roller skates dance, a fun sport - leisure activity. I was planning to leav...
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New Member
A curious entrepreneur, tech enthusiast, athlete, investor, advisor, adventurist and sometimes blogger. I'm currently working as a strategy and business development consultant for brands in enterta...
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