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New Member
Hi! My name is Kristen Gill and I'm a Travel Junkie! I'm also a Freelance Writer + International Photographer, servicing the needs of the Travel & Tourism Industry. I provide fresh content (writin...
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New Member
Held a number of Business Development, Sales and Marketing roles in Spain, Poland, Ireland, Costa Rica and the UK. I have worked with established companies and start-ups, with a proven track re...
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New Member
Hi everyone .... I'm a receptsionist with a great passion for travel and photography, I'm looking for a job where I could put into practice my multi language skills and sunny character
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New Member
Painfully curious. Loves connecting with other souls making a positive impact in the world + chasing dreams. Seeking meaningful adventures.
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New Member
Hello! I’m a Quality Engineering professional in the medical device industry. I have a strong background in bioengineering and statistical analysis. While successful in my field, I feel constantly ...
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New Member
Sports Enthusiast | Seattle Socialite | Passionate Do-Gooder | Avid Traveler | Unconventional Life-Seeker | Entrepreneur | Extreme Adventurer | Genuine Connector | Voracious Business Leader | Perpe...
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New Member
Hello there, Im a freelance events manger with over 8 years experience at designing and building events.With a degree from Leeds Uni Im looking to combine my project management skills and my knowl...
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New Member
Hi , I am Ozan from Germany. I have been studying, living and working in various countries and regions such as , United States, Germany , Turkey , Panama and China.. I am open to different o...
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New Member
An entrepreneur who builds crazy golf courses and also a life coach, I am mad about helping people find meaning in life, and of course my lovely wife and two children. I have worked in Consulting ...
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New Member
Hello! I am a communications expert with 7 years of diversified journalism experience for web, print and radio. I now work in social media and direct marketing for a start up. I am interested in wo...
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New Member
As the founding member of a CSR company, I bring an ability to lead the development of a company (or project) from idea to reality, take it to market and scale as a successful operation. My ski...
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New Member
Hello everyone, I'm a Brazilian economist who loves to play the drums, looking for a job where I can learn new things and contribute with my experience.
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