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New Member
In the retail/wholesale consumer business & now consulting for healthcare & other industries for the past 25 years looking to be with like minding entrepreneurs & business mentors. I would love to ...
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New Member
I'm a marketing specialist with analytical background who loves travelling. As I spent couple of months in Asia some time ago I am looking for opportunities connected to travelling and joint ventur...
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New Member
Currently a professional PR and amateur filmmaker, though I'd love to do the latter professionally. Passionate interest in technology, science, food, movies, environmentalism, innovation, entrepren...
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New Member
I'm an American living in Uganda for the past 5 years. Since being here I've managed the African region for a ICT Social Enterprise and worked in CSR for an oil company. Recently I've broken out of...
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New Member
Hi everyone. I'm an artist, composer and educator with a passion for helping to empower creativity. I've got a Ph.D. from Princeton and have spent the last ten years teaching both at Princeton and ...
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New Member
I am Paolo Salcedo, an advertising creative from Manila with a little over 2 years of experience. I'm looking for job opportunities that harness creativity for positive change. I'm mainly intereste...
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New Member
After studying languages at Uni I didn't leave with a clear career path planned. One thing I was sure of was that I didn't want to become a lawyer or banker like so many of my friends.So I wanted t...
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New Member
Hi I am still in the process of looking for what I really want to do with my life. The only thing hat is quite clear is , that what I am doing right now (Marketing Manager at a University) is far a...
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New Member
I'm a Design Researcher with 6 years of user research experience. I'm looking for work that involves improving lives. Research is a powerful tool for growth, as an understanding of people's drives,...
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New Member
13 years of experience in finance, started my career in New York, where I learned about the importance of thinking outside the box. Lived in many culturally diverse countries and had the great oppo...
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New Member
Hello, I used to underwrite offshore oil and gas risk in the Square Mile but looking to do something completely different after ten years. My skills are a bit niche to the oil and gas industry but ...
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New Member
Founder of @AlumniFunder and Co-Founder of Minds-in-Motion (@mimlearning). Recent corporate defector, looking to find great team members to expand my businesses, and always available to advise othe...
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