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I am a marketing professional with 6 years experience in all different types of marketing. I am looking for job opportunities in the travel and hospitality industry with options to travel to differ...
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New Member
IT by education, been in banking for all my career. Exploring innovative businesses!
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Fighting Human trafficking, Fashion is our weapon! Check out http://goo.gl/AIzeL # NowCrowdfunding
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New Member
I'm a dedicated, loyal, easy-going human being who tries to spend a good life. Good is spending my given time with people and things I love. Even this might not work out all the time, at least it's...
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New Member
Hello everyone, I'm an experienced food marketing professional turned food stylist, writer & photographer, currently searching for fun projects to get involved in, from writing recipes, making ...
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New Member
Hi everyone, I am a Portland, OR native, self-proclaimed NYer (5 yrs) and just moved back to NY. I had a career in finance, but chose to quit a year ago to travel/explore art and culture. I am look...
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New Member
I aspire to use all of my skills collaboratively, and to reach people in a way that is both positive and progressive, and which enables all parties to be successful into the future. I have a passio...
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New Member
Corporate lawyer with 4+ years experience, currently living in New York having schooled, lived and worked in London for 11 years. Interested in all opportunities, particularly start-ups. We each...
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New Member
Internet. Digital Marketing. Freelance Journalist and hobby entrpreneur. Blog & Social Media addict..
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New Member
I am an Indian Lawyer with two years experience, presently working on a Start-up in Santiago, Chile. I'm looking for job opportunities in travel, tourism, wildlife and photography. Basically anythi...
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New Member
Hi, I’m a Financial Analyst with 1 1/2 half years experience. I’m looking for job opportunities with exciting start-ups in various industries. I am passionate about music and would love to get mor...
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New Member
From information technology to imagination technology. Creator of FindYourMojo productivity apps & fast-track, paradigm-shifting coaching programmes to activate your inner Indiana Jones.
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