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New Member
I am a financial journalist and investment writer but I am keen to turn my hands to a new challenge anywhere in the world.
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New Member
I've done two years in party politics and a year in the Prime Minister's think tank. I am not sure what I want to do next!
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New Member
Hi everyone, I am a communication and brand management specialist and spend a few months with UNICEF in Geneva (Child Protection in Emergencies) and in Cameroon (Communications). I would love to wo...
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New Member
I'm a Swiss based Entreprneuer, Life Guide and Investor and looking for international Start-Ups with high potential to create a healthier society and monetary system. I'm a former Investment ba...
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New Member
Hey folks! I'm Henning, a german photographer, mainly focused on people, Portrait and landscape. I'm working for different agencies, clients and magazines all over the world and have been travellin...
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New Member
Hi, I am a young professional who is a bit disappointed by spending long hours making the rich even richer. After having worked in a competitive world of real estate investments for some ti...
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New Member
Professional Escapee
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New Member
Psychologist, fascinated by the intrinsic machinations of the brain.
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New Member
Russian by origin, worldwide by nature. Interested in freelance & project-type work connected with travelling or changing location. Especially interested in the intercultural work & holding inter...
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New Member
I'm an ex-Magic Circle lawyer, recently relocated back to Sydney from London. I'm looking for an opportunity to get involved (in a non-tech capacity) in something that I really believe in. I enjoy...
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New Member
Hello everyone, I'm a Senior Assurance Associate in a Big Four accounting firm with 4 years of audit experience. I'm looking for new opportunities in financial reporting. I'm also interested in tea...
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New Member
German business consultant specialised in corporate restructuring and finance with over three years work experience for a prestigious SME consulting firms in Germany is looking for interesting proj...
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