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hi there its me, corinne ° never without IbizaSonica in the background ° enjoys life ° loves the web and writing about the creative use of the present hi ich bins, corinne ° nie ohne ibizasonica...
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New Member
Hi, I'm an Institutional Accountant with 6 years financial services experience. I have just returned from Pune, India where I was an SME on a project to migrate the London Institutional Accounting ...
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New Member
Hi, my name is Jon and I'm an (part time / escaping project manager) adventurer who has just completed a 24,000 mile solo overland expedition to Central Asia in 2013/14. The overland journey may be...
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New Member
Ex management consultant currently on sabbatical setting up and developing a blog called Happy Sugar Habits. Love health and fitness, online marketing, writing, connecting with people. Open to opp...
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New Member
Escaped end 2012 after 8 years of private equity and investment banking, initially in Australia and then Hong Kong, where I am now based.   Spent the last year travelling and adventuring ...
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New Member
Hi, I worked for a Big4 tax dept for 5 years and afterwards as Accounting Man, Financial Reporting man. etc. totalling up to 10 years. I'm really looking for a meaningful job and lifestyle. Not wor...
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New Member
Aloha, My background is in journalism, marketing, business, and nonprofits. Although my skills are varied (including professional chef and lipstick reader), my best attributes are my passion for an...
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New Member
Hi -- Former investment and telecom professional taking a break to travel, write, and investigate business opportunities.
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New Member
Wall Street exile, idealist, should have studied literature or design, becoming a citizen of the world, worked in Silicon Alley, interested in startups, travel, and progress.
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New Member
February 2013 changed my perspective on how to live a life that matters. I am looking now for jobs that matter and make a real difference by providing real value to its costumers while making a pos...
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New Member
Former Army officer and ocean rower, now working in a suit and tie in London but looking for something more meaningful and fulfilling to spend my time doing. Interested in sports, start ups, c...
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New Member
Versatile business professional; strengths in Business Development, Marketing, Communications. Entrepreneurial, adviser to startups; writer, editor. Former Founder/CEO, VP, CMO, consultant to busin...
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