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New Member
Hi, I'm an investment banker working in M&A, private equity and corporate strategy with 5 years experience. I am looking for a role driving a business in the start-up space. I would also be interes...
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New Member
If you want to do anything with surplus food, community engagement, volunteers, or environment stuff related to food, I'm your man.
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New Member
I'd be delighted to talk to anyone who's thinking about starting their own business. Obviously this would be particularly relevant for anyone who is interested in stepping into the art world, but I...
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New Member
I have escaped Once, came back to realise escaping is better and currently looking for a new adventure as a lodge manager, or gain experience in a tour company in Africa.
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New Member
If you want to talk to someone about making the move to the States, or even just about your business idea, or anything else for that matter - I am more than happy to set up a Skype call/answer an e...
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New Member
Hi there! I'm an investment banker with 6+ years of exit prep, fundraising, and strategy experience advising high growth technology companies. I'm looking for partners for a startup. It's early sta...
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New Member
Looking for an adventure and an opportunity to change the world in a very structured, efficient way - joining up the powers of the private, public and third sector. I'm look I'm always happy to hel...
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New Member
Head of Ventures at UnLtd: helping raise investment for high-growth potential social entrepreneurs, looking to scale their impact www.bigventurechallenge.com
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New Member
I'm a young professional looking to make international contacts. I've worked in the United Kingdom / Isle of Man, for a good four years, but it is now time to move on. I'm looking at opportunities ...
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New Member
I'm a multimedia producer, living and working in London. My passion is for film, and documentaries in particular, but I have years of experience working with youth groups, delivering social media c...
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New Member
I don't feel very qualified to advise anyone on their own escape!  My decision was largely an emotional one. It's all worked out very neatly for me because I had a skill-set which is uncannily appr...
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New Member
I'm a marketing & communications builder. How I can help:1. Build your marketing department:Public Relations / Media Relations / Community Relations / Investor Relations. If I don't know how to...
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