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Issue 750, Sun 7 July, 2024

Happy Monday Escapees,

It hit headlines last week that Greece became the first EU country to introduce a six-day work week. Backlash has been fierce, with critics contending that it ultimately sounds the death knell of the five-day working week, not least because it enables employers to dictate whether a sixth day of labour is required.

To us, this very much seems like a step backwards - almost antiquated, with it being 100 years since moving from a 6 to 5 day week in the UK, Greece’s decision goes against much research that shows increasing hours actually hurts productivity rather than boosts it. As demonstrated time and time again, with a welcome rise of four-day-work weeks in many countries across the globe, results show increased levels of productivity and focus, along with overall employee morale.

And it begs the question, what could the future of life/work balance look like? Late night work calls, blurred or non-existent boundaries, lunch eaten chained to a computer screen, and in no uncertain terms taking personal appointments during work hours? We can only hope that the progressive paths we’ve seen many organisations take will not mean these things - and that the news from Greece will not be bring about twists and turns that lead away from the positive progress so far. There’s a sweet spot where your work-life and life-life marry up to be mutually supporting, both improving the other - and when that spot is hit, the outcome can be pretty great.

So we say, YES to four day work weeks. YES to genuinely flexible working. And YES to freedom of choice and working ways that suit you and your life.

If you’re looking for something new, take a look at our top 10 opportunities this week - all roles from progressive companies that know the importance of putting their employees and their needs first.

Happy Escaping,

From Aman, Hilary, Dom, Charlotte and Elena

  • Job Title: Fundraising Trustee

    Organisation: The Holly Lodge Centre

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  • Job Title: Baby Bank Manager

    Organisation: Little Village

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  • Job Title: Sales Lead

    Organisation: Energise

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  • Job Title: Account Manager - East Midlands

    Organisation: Unifrog

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  • Job Title: Executive and Operations Associate

    Organisation: Apolitical

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  • Job Title: Studio Manager - Maternity Cover

    Organisation: Nice and Serious

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  • Job Title: Communications Assistant / Account Executive / Senior Account Executive

    Organisation: The Folk Group

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  • Job Title: Development Coordinator

    Organisation: Longview Philanthropy

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  • Job Title: Product Designer

    Organisation: Zen Educate

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  • Job Title: Senior Leadership Team Associate Director—Growth and Operations

    Organisation: Centre for Disaster Protection

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