Software Engineer - Kotlin

Join Lendable as they are looking for a Software Engineer - Kotlin

About Lendable

Lendable is on a mission to make consumer finance amazing: faster, cheaper and friendlier.We’re building one of the world’s leading fintech companies and are off to a strong start

  • One of the UK’s newest unicorns with a team of >200 people
  • Among the top 10 fastest growing tech companies in the UK
  • Profitable since 2017
  • Backed by top investors including Balderton Capital and Goldman Sachs
  • Loved by customers with the best reviews in the market (4.9/5 across 10,000s of reviews)

So far, we’ve rebuilt the Big Three consumer finance products from scratch: loans, credit cards and car finance. We get money into our customers’ hands in minutes instead of days.We’re growing fast, and there’s a lot more to do: we’re going after the two biggest Western markets (UK and US) where trillions worth of these are held by big banks with dated systems and painful processes. 

Join us if you want to

  • Work in small teams of exceptional people, trusted to take ownership and make decisions quickly
  • Be relentlessly resourceful to solve problems and find smarter solutions than the status quo
  • Build the best technology in house, using new data sources, machine learning and AI to make machines do the heavy lifting

What's the job 

As we continue to build upon the diversity of our team we are thrilled to have the opportunity to bring on board a Kotlin engineer to a newly forming pod. This is a chance to bring new experience, perspective and capabilities to our design discussions, helping shape our approach to delivering elegant solutions to complex engineering challenges as we continue to grow.

This is the team that put the Tech in FinTech, our current tech team is around 80 strong and have helped transform finance by building a next-generation lending platform, a next-gen credit card, and auto-finance product, and they’re at it again with brand new product launches this year.

We're looking for an engineer with a depth of knowledge and recent hands-on Kotlin experience that enables them to not only deliver elegant, idiomatic solutions in Kotlin but also tocontribute new knowledge and experience to our frequent collaborative design forums with stakeholders from every area of the business.

There’s a lot to do, from building and integrating new API’s to help build out our new collections function to creating new internal tools and supporting our expansion of new products and supporting services in the US.

We believe that software engineering is more than just code - it’s about people. We believe that the best teams are made of great people. That fundamentally great software engineering is about alignment and sharing what we know cross-functionally. We focus on continually improving our capabilities as a team and making our working environment a happy and productive place.

Our tech stack


•Kotlin 1.7.20


•React & React Native, TypeScript, MobX, Redux, Stylus and SASS
•We build our Kotlin projects using Gradle and GitHub Actions, deploying to production as soon as we finish a feature
•We use JUnit Jupiter, Kotest and TestContainers for automated testing

What technical skills you'll need to have 

Strong commercial Kotlin experience
•An ability to write simple, clean code
•Experience and understanding of databases; relational databases are a must, NoSql would be nice too
•Be able to quickly understand complex, financial business domains
Understand different software architectures rapidly
•Understands abstraction and interpolation
•Able to write comprehensive, automated tests at all levels of the pyramid
•Understanding of the Kanban agile methodology; not a deal breaker if you don’t

What kind of person you'll need to be

•Someone who can get along with others and build relationships
•Someone who wants to continually learn, improve and collaborate
•Someone who can solve problems on their own but also knows when to go to their peers for help
•Someone who is a rational thinker and is aware of the ‘why’ behind the way they do things
•Someone who is a pragmatist who can sensibly weigh the tradeoffs between code quality and delivery

Interview Process

•A 30 minute introductory call with one of our engineers
•A short coding exercise to complete in your own time
•Onsite or Video Final Stage Interview lasting 60-90 minutes 

The final stage will comprise of: 

- Introduction of the team and kind of work you could be doing daily
- Discussion around the coding exercise you completed
- Interactive architecture/design exercise
- Tech project walkthrough
- Cultural/behavioural questions to see if you’d be a good fit for Lendable
- Questions you may have about the company, role, etc

Check our blog

We also have an engineering blog where we have written in more detail how we work in the engineering team.

Life at Lendable (also check out our Glassdoor page)

  • The opportunity to scale up one of the world’s most successful fintech companies.

  • Best-in-class compensation including equity.

  • You can work from home every Monday and Friday if you wish - on the other days we all come together IRL to be together, build and exchange ideas.

  • Our in-house chef prepares fresh, healthy lunch in the office every Tuesday-Thursday.

  • We care for our Lendies' well-being both physically and mentally so we offer the highest coverage of private health insurance

  • We organise an annual trip with the whole company, to celebrate our milestones and reflect on our achievements.

  • We're an equal opportunity employer and are looking to make Lendable the most inclusive and open workspace in London